LEAGUE CITY -- Flipping around cable television channels, maybe you've come across the commercials for The Arms Room.

The first thing you see is a woman firing an automatic weapon. The first thing you hear is the explosive sound of a rapid series of gunshots echoing around an empty gun range. Then, a guy standing in a shop where the walls are lined with firearms invites you to come on over.

You can shoot a machine gun and a whole lot more at The Arms Room, he says. We have the largest selection of guns and ammo in the area.

If you haven't seen the commercial on TV before, you can only find it now on YouTube.

Comcast, the largest cable carrier in the Houston area, has decided it will no longer carry commercials for guns or weapons. It s a decision that has triggered anger among gun enthusiasts.

I think that's horrible, said Toni Kirkland, a customer at the gun range. I mean, you pay for your advertisement. Condoms and porn sites get to pay, why can't a gun range?

Kirkland s son, a sailor on leave from the Navy who stopped by the gun range to practice his handgun skills, was even more offended.

I feel rather betrayed, actually, because I'm fighting for the country I love, said Colt Flowers.

As gun ranges go, The Arms Room is first class.

A retired military helicopter pilot -- who loved firearms -- opened it inside a cavernous retail building once occupied by a Circuit City store in League City.

Customers visiting the gun store adjacent to the Gulf Freeway will tell you it's the nicest they've ever seen. And, the owner brags it's the only five-star indoor gun range in Texas.

My whole family, this is our legacy, said Mary James, the gun store's owner. We're real proud of it. It's done really well.

James is the infectiously friendly widow of the store's founder. She s known around the shop as Maw-Maw.

So the people who run The Arms Room were surprised and bothered when Comcast informed them it would no longer carry the store's commercials.

The cable carrier issued a written statement essentially saying that Comcast Spotlight, the local sales arm of the cable carrier, was simply coming into compliance with a policy established by NBC, the television network it recently bought.

Consistent with long standing NBC policies, Comcast Spotlight has decided it will not accept new advertising for firearms or weapons moving forward, the statement said. This policy aligns us with the guidelines in place at many media organizations.

Indeed, such policies are common among media outlets. Many television stations, including KHOU, have long declined to accept advertising from weapons manufacturers, gun stores or gun shows.

Firearms enthusiasts find the policies downright offensive.

We were all upset by this, said Talour Venable, the store's manager. I mean, they're cutting off a life line for us. Advertisement is how we get our name out there.

I just think it's unfair, James said. It's unfortunate and it's unfair.

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