SANANTONIO-- A local herbal organic company is using natural ingredients to not just relieve allergy symptoms, but to treat the body.

They were paralyzing, said Richard Tankersly, a San Antonio allergy sufferer. This year was really bad, he explained.

But Tankersly has not touched a tissue since December.

After the first dose, Idid not sneeze for the rest of the day, he said as he praised Bloom Herbal Organics.

After a friend recommended the product, he ordered it online. Little did he know, the herbal company was right in his backyard.

Joe Mahan, owner of Bloom Herbal Organics, is setting up shop in San Antonio where cedar, pollen and mold wreak havoc on allergy sufferers.

There's a really high cedar count, Mahan said. It works to prevent those future allergy attacks.

Mahan says the production of Bloom is a meticulous process as herbs are carefully selected at their maximum potency.

And there are not just bottles of allergy relief. Mahan has herbal drops for body aches, fatigue, dehydration and even hangovers.

Mahan boasts that the sinus relief formula can cure congestion, headaches, itchy eyes and sneezing. Instead of popping a pill that temporarily stops symptoms, Mahan says to treat the whole system, not just the symptoms.

For Tinkersly, common over the counter medications made him sleepy or nervous and buying nasal sprays, injections and pills drained his wallet.

Nothing else was as simple and as easy and as effective as this, said Tinkersly. Iwas spending $75 a month [on other products].

But now Tinkerlsy pays about $25 for a 2 month supply of Bloom.

He's hit on something that's really needed, especially here, said Tinkersly.

The dietary supplements come in 2 oz. bottles and are blended with different flowers, herbs and roots to naturally boost your immune system and defend against allergens.

Mahan's local drops may be found at Green Fields Market. With a USDAorganic certification, he expects to offer the drops at more locations in the near future.

Mahan he has expanded his San Antonio company into a nationwide business that includes online orders. Click here for more information.

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