SAN ANTONIO -- Two years ago, she was at the top of her game, competing in barrel racing at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. But Brittany Janysek's racing career came to an abrupt halt when she was thrown from her horse and paralyzed.

Brittany had just begun a tough race when her horse threw her off.She hit the ground hard and herhorse fell on top of her. Brittany maintains her injury is not her horse's fault.

She tried her best not to come down on me but she just came down right on me and crushed my pelvis, she said.

Doctors told her she would be lucky if she ever walked again. They screwed her hips together and inserted several metal plates.

After four months of therapy, Brittany told her parents she wanted to jump back on a horse.Though her parents were anxious, they let her ride.

Now, Brittany is not only walking; she has already competed in ten races since January and is preparing for runs on Tuesday and Wednesday at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo.

Since the accident she had to give up varsity soccer, varsity track, and varsity cheerleading at Lockhart high School. The one thing she won't give up is barrel racing.

Brittany s mother told KENS

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