HOUSTON One stolen car suspect was caught, but two others got away after a police chase ended in a crash in southwest Houston late Thursday.

Houston police said a person spotted their stolen car traveling down West Orem around 11 p.m. The owner followed the car, while making a call to 911.

The car pulled onto Stancliff, where three suspects hopped out and began stripping the vehicle, not knowing the owner was watching. The owner began yelling at the suspects, who then hopped into another vehicle and sped off. Just as they were pulling off, police arrived and a chase began.

The suspects headed down Orem, turned onto Buxley and continued to Simsbrook, where they lost control. The car crashed into a fence and all three suspects, one female and two male, hopped out and ran.

The female suspect could not run as fast as the others and was quickly taken into custody. Police also found marijuana on her.

The two male suspects continued running. HPD helicopters and K-9 officers were brought in to assist in the search, but could not find them.

Investigators discovered that the getaway vehicle the suspects crashed was also stolen.

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