HOUSTON -- Six minutes of terror was caught on camera as robbers stormed a northeast Houston cell phone store Thursday morning.

The Boost Mobile store on 7500 block of N. Wayside was full of customers and employees when the suspects entered the store about 30 minutes after it opened.

I did not have any time to do panic or anything, said the store owner. He just jumped on the counter.

One suspect used a gun to push the owner and his employee to the back, while another pushed two customers over the counter to join them.

In all, three masked men entered the store and loaded phones and accessories into trash bags.

The video shows one of the guys with gun hurdle the counter and force people into the back. Then the store owner and the man with the gun got into a scuffle. When something spooked the crooks, they took off running.

A few customers took off after the suspects. One customer tossed a soda can at them.

If you break the window it would be easy to catch them or whatever, but I missed, said the customer who did not want to be identified.

He chased the bad guys in their getaway truck across the parking lot.

He hit me. The guy that was in the back of the truck hit me, so I would let go, the customer said.

This was the first robbery at the store, and new security measures are being put in place. The front door is now locked. If you want to enter the store from now on, you have to know somebody inside.

They don't care, said the owner. Those people, they just want the money. Easy, easy money. They don't want to work. They don't want to do nothing. That's all.

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