HOUSTON -- In southeast Texas and all over the country, the ammunition shelves are bare in gun and sports stores, and reinforcements are not coming anytime soon.

We don't have anything to sell and we are still posting phenomenal numbers, says Travis James of the Arms Room in League City.

His stock room can hold more than 60,000 rounds of all types of ammunition.

This is usually full of .22 up here. .45 and .40 usually cover both of these shelves, said James. Just a few scattered boxes are there now.

In December, gun stores started seeing pressure on ammo.

We used to sell 30,000 rounds a month of ammo and we ve done that in a week, and sometimes even a day in ammo, James said.

What little they do have is generally high end and there is a limit on all purchases: a three-box max or 150 rounds at a time. That s for all types and all sizes.

It s not just one store.

Ron Casady has been shopping for weeks.

I noticed online and everything is out of stock. Click add to cart. Sorry we are out of stock. Casady said.

When it comes to ammunition, there is pressure on everybody from the manufacturers to the distributors to those that resell that ammunition and it is not getting better anytime soon.

Several manufacturers have back orders of 14 months, some as long as two years.

James said, Most of the manufacturers I have talked to have gone to round-the-clock production.

It is not just gun stores and recreational shooters scrambling, area police departments are starting to feel the impact.

Several departments KHOU 11 News talked to are putting limits on ammo that can be used for training on non-duty weapons.

So far, there are no outright shortages in our area, but plenty of departments are worried about their orders for next year, both in the ability to get the ammunition and what it will likely cost.

It takes plenty of ammo to train police officers.

One law enforcement rifle instructor said it takes between 800 and 1200 rounds to get certified on a police rifle, and that's for one officer on one gun.

It s the political climate most believe is fueling the run on guns and ammo, and it seems that is not calming either.

As long as it is this way, people are going to be in a frenzy, and they are going to do everything they can, James said.

That s keeping the shelves clean and the shooting range loaded.

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