HOSUTON -- Deputies with Harris County Precinct 1 are dealing with a surge of home break-ins this month.

According to investigators, home burglaries in the Braeswood Place neighborhood and some surrounding neighborhoods have tripled since December.

Officials say the crimes are happening between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. The criminals knock on the front door then head toward the back to make their way inside.

One of the most recent victims says a home alarm system wasn t enough to prevent this from happening.

It makes you sick that our little sanctuary, our sweet cozy little home was invaded by a bad guy, said Megan.

Megan s home on Prestwick Street was targeted while she and her husband were at work.

The criminal busted through the glass of her back door but couldn t make his way inside because of a deadbolt. He then punched through the bathroom window and slipped inside.

Megan believes the alarm sounded instantly. She thinks that gave the criminal a tight deadline, but he still managed to pick through her jewelry collection.

When I came home there was mud all over my carpet. Things strewn everywhere and my grandmother s ring was missing, she said.

Megan says that s what hurts the most. Her grandmother just passed away in October and the ring she left behind is irreplaceable.

They can take what they want from me, but they re not going to take away our peace. We are going to take back our neighborhood.

Deputies with Harris County Precinct 1 are now patrolling the neighborhood day and night. They re roving around in both marked and unmarked patrol cars.

We re keeping an eye out, and we re going to find them, said neighbor Cathy Rytting.

Authorities hope the beefed up presence will help lead to an arrest.

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