LACKLAND, Texas -- In the wake of the ongoing sexual assault scandal at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, the Air Force conducted a sweep of air force personnel workspace areas.

They were looking for items that might be deemed unprofessional, inappropriate or pornographic.The results were released recently.

Amy Bartholomew, spokesperson for Air Education Training Command, reported, There was 300 instances of pornographic materials found,233 unprofessional items, and 882 inappropriate.

Investigators found more than 30,000 items nationwide that had to be removed.The AirEducation and Training Command base at Randolph is one of 11 bases in the command that were inspected.Items listed as inappropriate included pornographic videos, bottles of alcohol, computer images of nudity or sex, beer bongs, Maxim magazines and vintage World War II nose art.

While porn may not be illegal, the Training Command says it is not allowed in the workplace.

Investigators reported over 600 instances of pornography. However, names were not taken in the inspections.

The inspection was not to get anybody in trouble.It was simple a reminder and it was meant to deter conditions as well as far as what would be considered inappropriate, Bartholomew said.

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