SAN ANTONIO -- Police were searching on Wednesday morning for a driver who crashed into a west-side church and took off running.

The accident occurred around 2:30 a.m. at Woodlawn Hills Baptist Church near the intersection of West Woodlawn and Maiden Lane.

San Antonio police said the driver of a red Taurus was traveling at least 90 mph on West Woodlawn when he skidded, hit a curb and then crashed into the church.

The car went through three walls and landed in the lawn of the church.

A witness said he saw the driver and his passenger get out of the car and run away. He said the driver appeared to be limping but was otherwise OK.

The building that was struck is the church's educational building, where Sunday school is held.

Pastor Paul Gonzalez said this is the second car to crash into the church in the last three years.

The church's mailbox has been taken out three times, as well, by drivers speeding in the area.

I'm really concerned because what if this was a Sunday morning when children are here? Gonzalez said. If someone goes through again, it might cause a serious problem. I'm going to have to do something.

Damage was estimated around $30,000.

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