AUSTIN,Texas -- It s referred to as the most haunted building in Austin, and when a newly-married couple decided to stay for the night on Sunday, the wife was woken up just two hours after falling asleep.

She woke up with the feeling that someone was watching her, the husband, who asked to remain anonymous, told KVUE.

You go to the Driskill, maybe looking for a ghost, and hey you find a dude, the husband said.

As a former member of the Navy, the husband told KVUE he used his training to calmly look around the bathroom, and inside the toilet area he found the door had been locked by someone else.

After using his glasses to pick the lock, the husband opened the door only to feel resistance. That s when a young, white male with dark hair, dark eyes and an Air Force t-shirt looked around the door.

The intruder claimed repeatedly he was a member of the hotel security, but the husband told his wife to call police, and they stepped out of the room to wait for officers to arrive.

While they were in the hallway, the intruder went back out the second-floor balcony and entered another area in the hotel where he was spotted by a hotel employee and arrested by Austin police.

The husband tells us nothing was stolen from their room, and no one was hurt.

The question that remains now is why did this man break into their room? According to Driskill management, the intruder had entered the hotel earlier in the night only to be kicked out, and police on scene said the man was intoxicated.

In their 126-year history, no one has ever managed to scale the outside wall to break into the Driskill Hotel, and hotel management told KVUE they don t expect anything like this to happen again.

The couple s room was paid for by the hotel, and when asked if they would ever come back, the husband told KVUE News, absolutely.

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