HARRIS COUNTY, Texas -- An armed carjacker stole a family's pickup truck while a young girl was still inside. It happened Wednesday night in the Walmart parking lot in Spring.

The mother was trying to pull her truck into a parking spot at the store near I-45 and Louetta Road, but there were some carts in the way. When she got out to move them, a SUV crashed into the carts and a man jumped out of the passenger seat.

That man got into the truck s driver s side and began to drive off with her 7-year-old in the back seat.

In a moment of desperation, mom tried to hold on to the truck from the outside. She was dragged to the front of the store.

I finally started screaming my daughter is in there, my daughter is in there, said mom. When he gunned the truck people started hearing me. They said do you know him? I said no, I don t know him.

He told me to get out, said the girl. I said okay. I started crying. He just pulled me out and opened the door and threw me out. I landed on my hands and he just took off.

The suspect got away in the mother s truck. It s described as a maroon Chevy Silverado. It has Texas plates 30Z-FF5.

Officials said there was another man driving the SUV that ran into the carts. He also fled the scene.

Aside from some cuts and scrapes, the little girl and mom are expected to be all right.

The two were visiting Wal-Mart to buy a birthday present.

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