HOUSTON -- Neighbors near Bush Intercontinental Airport complained about noise on Wednesday, but it had nothing to do with the airplanes flying over head.

It s very frustrating , said Clyde Moody, who owns a small ranch off FM 1960 near Barrell Road.

He s been complaining for the last three years about loud blasts he says occur monthly.

I heard the noise and it was affecting the animals and I didn't understand where it was coming from or what it was, said Moody.

Moody and his neighbors discovered that the noise came from a Houston Police Department bomb range located on airport property.

They need to move the bomb range, said Moody. There's no need to have a bomb range in the city limits of Houston, 300 feet from FM 1960, scaring people and animals.

Houston police officials said the bomb range is for training purposes. In response to complaints, HPD and the Houston Airport System sent a team of experts to Moody s property to take decibel readings of the blasts.

Our plan is to review those noise readings and we'll be getting back to Mr. Moody and to the rest of the community shortly, said IAH General Manager Carl Newman.

But shortly may not be soon enough for people hoping for immediate relief.

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