LEWISVILLE, Texas A man died over the weekend after being sent to the hospital incritical condition due to injuries fromFriday's natural gas explosion in Lewisville.

Some residents in the vicinity of the devastating blast at a duplex at 520 Main Street were allowed to return to their homes Saturday to salvage what they could from the debris.

One man who was inside the building when it exploded on Friday afternoon was seriously injured and later died Sunday night. Questions remain about why he had not been ordered to evacuate Friday after utility workers punctured a four-inch gas line about 50 feet from his home.

Christian Community Action owns the property that was splintered in the explosion. The organization's president, Ron Batts, was heartbroken after surveying the damage to a home adjacent to the epicenter.

You could see the force of the blast blew the windows completely out, and just blew things through the house, he said.

After witnessing the damage for himself, State Rep. Ron Simmons (R-Lewisville) called on utility companies and government officials to learn from what happened on Friday.

We need to check our protocols, and we need to check our procedures to make sure that they do not need to be evaluated, and changed, and improved upon, he said.

Some homes that weren't damaged by the explosion remained without power on Saturday evening. Their residents were spending another night at a hotel.


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