HOUSTON A woman whostole her 75-year-old grandmother s valuable keepsakes says she felt horrible about ripping the elderly woman off, according to Baytown police.

Jessica Rangel, 27, was charged with felony theft.

Rangel s grandmother adopted her after both her parents died. Recently, the grandmother began noticing that many items started disappearing from her home. One item in particular was a 14K gold watch, encrusted with diamonds, that was given to her by her late husband 22 years ago. The watch was valued at $3,500.

Rangel allegedly confessed to stealing the items after being confronted by her grandmother. She told her she sold the watch to a pawn shop in Baytown.

The grandmother contacted police about the watch on December 27 in hopes of getting the precious item back, but when police called the pawn shop, they were told the watch had already been shipped off to another location to be melted down.

Police then called Rangel and asked her to come in for an interview, but she refused. She did, however, admit to pawning her grandmother s watch and expressed regret. She told them she made a mistake and felt horrible about stealing from her grandmother, investigators said.

Charges were filed and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

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