ROSENBERG, Texas Some customers and a clerk helped detain a robbery suspect at a Rosenberg Walgreens Thursday night, according to police.

Several callers reported the robbery in progress at the store in the 3300 block of Avenue H around 10 p.m.

Witnesses said the suspect approached several customers in the Walgreens and asked for money. They told police he then tried to grab cash from the register.

Two customers and a clerk held Brian Eugene Jones until officers arrived.

Honestly, I don t think I would ever do it again. It was just a gut reaction, said the clerk, who didn t want to give his name. I didn t think. I just reacted.

Police credited the customers with helping them nab Jones.

If these two citizens hadn t stood up and stopped him, there s a good chance he would have been gone before our officers arrived, said Assistant Police Chief Dallas Warren.

Customers at the Walgreens on Friday had mixed feelings about the actions of the Good Samaritans.

I wouldn t recommend that to anyone. They put their lives on the line, said Julio Moreno. It s a good thing that they did that and nobody got hurt, but it s kind of dangerous.

It makes no sense, people in there trying to make hard-earned money and you got people in there coming, trying to rob the place, said Frederick Connor. I m glad there were Good Samaritans in there. Like I say, if I was in there I would have did the same thing.

Jones, 46, was arrested and taken to the Fort Bend County Jail.

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