HOUSTON -- A shocking discovery was made on Wednesday at house near Loch Bend Court and Hiltonview Road. A mother was looking for her son, but discovered his house had caught on fire and his body was still inside.

Rosa Mendez said she just can t understand why firefighters didn t find her son.

Northwest volunteer firefighters were called to the home on Christmas Day. The inside was on fire and the blaze was quickly put out.

Crews were called back when a man was found under several feet of sheet rock and debris. The 30-year-old man was found near his bed.

That bedroom there was the bed and a lot of furniture in there as well as a lot of clothing, said Lt. Chad Shaw, the Harris County Fire Marshall.

Investigators said the home is full of clutter.

Still, the victim s mother says there s no excuse.

Investigators said firefighters searched the home twice.

The primary search being very rapid to see if they could see anything, said Lt. Shaw. And then a secondary search and then a secondary search to see if there is anybody inside.

Firefighters said they couldn't find anyone who claimed to live at the home, and there was no one to call. It was not clear to them if anyone lived in the home which had no electricity -- only stacks and stacks of clutter.

Charles Williams, a neighbor, said, I would ask them what would be a better procedure than what ya'll went through yesterday? Why didn't y'all find the body yesterday y'all finding it today.

Investigators say firefighters followed proper procedures; still, neighbors and family members wonder if something more couldn't have been done to find the man sooner.

Investigators believe the victim died from smoke inhalation. They have not released the cause of the fire.

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