SUGAR LAND -- The parking lot at the First Colony Mall appeared to be just as crowded on the day after Christmas as it was on the day before.

It is something stores may not only want, but need to see.

Day after Christmas sales still account for a big percentage of their holiday revenue. On Wednesday, nearly every store seemed to be offering some sort of a discount.

Two of the busiest chains at the mall were Macy s and Bath and Body Works. Each offered up to 75 percent off certain items.

Karen Meranda said she saved about $200.

We normally never come out after Christmas, Karen said.

Louis Flores said he spent nearly a $1,000 at Macy s with his family.

We got here around 10 and it s been non-stop after that, Louid said.

But not everyone felt the markdowns were significant.

It s not a big difference, shopper Stephanie Berezi said. I think it s just the whole hype about Christmas. Everybody just wants to be out there.

Some analysts are projecting one of the lowest year-to-year holiday spending increases in years.

Stores opened as early as 8 a.m. on Wednesday to attract post-Christmas customers.

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