HOUSTON -- A police chase came to an end Wednesday morning when the suspect rammed his pickup truck into two police cars and a parked vehicle before trying to run away on foot.

Air 11 was over the scene as the suspect sped from police inbound on the South Freeway. The red pickup truck then exited at MacGregor.

It was in the 3000 block of Gray Street the driver tried to turn around in an empty lot but was blocked in by police. The truck sideswiped one Houston Police Department cruiser before hitting a second one head on. The truck also hit a parked vehicle outside a nearby home.

A male suspect jumped out of the truck and scaled a fence while trying to run away on foot. He made it a couple blocks before a police dog and two officers took him down. He was taken into custody without further incident.

One officer was sent to the hospital, possibly with a broken wrist or hand.

Police said the chase started after officials with the Gulf Coast Violent Offender's Task Force tried to take a woman, identified as Kimberly King, into custody. King was on the run for outstanding warrants of two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, police said.

King and her male accomplice took off in the red pickup truck, which was reported stolen.

King was also taken into custody after the chase. She apparently did not try to run away once the truck came to a stop.


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