SAN ANTONIO - A family of three decided to try something a little different this year. The last 24 days they paid it forward. On Monday, they surprised the firefighters of station 47.

It was in late November when Kristin Lemus saw an idea on Pintrest and on December first the Lemus family found themselves paying it forward.

Hey, good morning. How's it going, guys? We're doing 25 acts of kindness you are number 24, said Ed Lemus to the firefighters of Station 47.

Lemus baked cookies for fire Station 47.

All month long they traveled from place to place, taking blankets to the homeless and even taping quarters to vending machines.

People are shocked, said Ed. Yeah, they'll question you like, 'What did I do? What do I have to do?'

Their random act of kindness on Christmas Eve caught the firefighters by surprise.

Police and fire, we have to be away from our families and stuff. And it's just nice to see people doing random acts like that, said one of the fire fighters.

The family wants to make this an annual tradition not only to inspire their little one but hopefully others, as well.

(We want to) make sure Lily grows up knowing that, knowing that it's not all about the presents, getting, getting, said Lemus. It's about giving also.

For their 25th and final random act of kindness, the family plans on delivering stockings with goodies to area nursing homes.

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