AUSTIN McKinney Falls State Park in southeast Travis County has lured mankind to the waters of Onion Creek for centuries.

Now another natural phenomenon is drawing modern day humans from near and far, especially people who like to watch birds.

This week on a routine bird count, members of the Travis County Audubon Society were the first to discover a lone, Forked Tail Fly Catcher, a small bird indigenous to Argentina and parts of Mexico.

It got blown off of course, probably overshot its migration path and ended up in Texas, said Amber Conrad, a park ranger at McKinney Falls State Park.

The Forked Tail Fly Catcher was seen numerous times this week, the latest on Thursday.

Wildlife experts aren t sure how long the rare bird will stay in the area until it corrects its migratory path, but some anxious bird watchers are hoping to get a glimpse nevertheless.

People have come from as far as Illinois and across the U.S. to get a glimpse of this bird in our park, Conrad said.

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