SPRING, Texas A trio of thieves was caught after some good Samaritans decided to step in and help.

Gus Neinast says he was on his way to the grocery store and witnessed a hit-and-run on FM 2920 just before 2 p.m.

The way they drove off, they almost hit the passenger, said Neinast. They were also endangering other people going down 2920.

Neinast said the hood on the car was damaged and stuck in the open position, so the driver could only see through a small opening at the bottom of the windshield.

People would look in the mirror and see this car coming with the hood and people were hitting the shoulders, he said.

Two off-duty police officers in the area joined civilians in the short chase. In total, about six cars followed the getaway car until it came to a stop in a field.

When we did try to box em in on 2920, they did try to hit 2 other vehicles and then jumped the curb, Neinast said. I think the car finally died.

At least one of the suspects made a run for it, but he was no match for the off-duty officer who managed to stop him until Harris County Sheriff s Deputies showed up.

They were right here, said Josh Shelby, who caught the tail-end of the chase. I seen the car with the hood flipped up and the dude sitting on the ground like he was calm about it.

Deputies started going through the getaway car and realized why the trio was on the run. They believe they stole headphones from a Radio Shack and items from an HEB.

I noticed the Hot Pockets, said Shelby. That was the biggest thing. It was like two boxes, the big boxes, not no small boxes.

The trio was taken into custody.

Neinast was just glad he was there to help.

In Harris County, you see crime everyday and it s time for people to start stepping up and doing more, he said.

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