HOUSTON -- A single mother of two is left to question her Christmas spirit after some real-life grinches broke into her Houston home. It happened on Alvin Street on the south side of Houston Thursday morning.

Shemeka Franklin left to drop off her 9-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter at school. When she returned about an hour later, the criminals had already comeand gone.

The crooks kicked in the front door and went straight for every present under the tree.

I was heartbroken. I work. I worked overtime to get my kids things for Christmas and get them early and catch them while they were on sale, explainedFranklin.

Franklin said the criminals also had an eye for electronics.

[They took] my TV out of my living room, my son s TV, the TV out of my bedroom, they took the laptop, she said. In a matter of seconds, minutes, it s in and out. It s like he went in and came out and no one seen nothing.

Hours after the crime, Franklin contemplated how she was going to tell her kids.

How could they just come in and rob someone s home and take Christmas items from kids, Franklin said. When my kids wake up for Christmas, and they don t have nothing, they re going to look sad. That makes me feel bad.

KHOU 11 News was there when her kids returned from school.

It was close to Christmas, and I was anxious to open all the presents, said 10-year-old Asasha Trooper.

Franklin s disappointed children couldn t understand who would come and take everything away.

Not very nice people, said 9-year-old Jonathan Trooper.

Franklin doesn t think she can replace the stolen items in time for Christmas.

This family has always been festive for the holidays. This year, Franklin says they wonder if it s even worth celebrating.

This Christmas here is like the worst Christmas I ve had in my 30 years of living, said Franklin. This is the worst one.

Franklin said police told her without serial numbers for the electronics it would be difficult to catch who did this.

For now, Franklin and her children are going to be staying with a relative because they no longer feel safe at home.

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