PLANO, Texas-- An abandoned dog is getting a second chance on life, thanks to some caring Plano animal services officers.

Little Miss, a Chihuahua, was found in a box that was left at the front door of a Plano retirement complex.

The folks at the shelter took her to a private veterinarian, who determined she has a broken back, an old injury that cannot be repaired. Instead of putting Little Miss down, the officers ordered a cart and a set of wheels for her hind legs.

Little Miss was fitted with her cart Tuesday. A few minutes later, she was back on two legs, rolling around the shelter.

Everybody just fell in love with her, said Sherry Smith, Animal Services Supervisor. We decided to go ahead and keep her. We started to look at websites at carts, and we made the determination to get the cart for her.

Shelter officials want to find Little Miss a new home. They plan on adopting her out to someone willing to take on a pet who needs special attention.


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