HOUSTON - Enis Domio was inside her apartment Saturday afternoon when she says she heard a loud knock.

There on her doorstep was a 14-year-old girl who had been bloodied and beaten.

She had a black eye, Domio said. Her foot was all cut up and messed up.

The girl and her twin sister had been at the basketball court at the Cuney Homes Apartments when they said a minivan pulled up.

Out came a 13-year-old girl, who the victim s family described as an on again, off again friend. The girl s parents were with her, too.

According to court documents, the parents urged their daughter to fight the victim. When she appeared to be losing, they allegedly stepped in.

The father is accused of slamming her, while the mother allegedly put her in a choke hold. The parents, 36-year-old Charles Fields and 36-year-old Nicole Curtis, have each been charged with injury to a child.

Although they do not live in the neighborhood, residents said they have seen them around.

Parents should get involved with their children, but not in that manner, resident Rebecca Vasquez said.

The victim s grandmother, Mary Field, said she does not know what caused the fight. Police said a witness recorded it on their cell phone and shared it with investigators.

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