HOUSTON An investigation is under way after a dead pig was found Tuesday at the entrance of the Islamic Outreach Center, a Harris County Sheriff s Office spokeswoman said.

It happened in the 19000 block of Wilks Road in Cypress.

Members showed up for evening prayers and found the slaughtered pig. Some of the pig s intestines were left on the fence around the property.

Muslims consider pigs to be unclean and do not eat pork.

Leaders at the Islamic center stopped short of calling the incident a hate crime.

It s unfortunate that something like this would happen, but it s a teaching moment, said Imam Fahad Tasleem, the center s resident Imam. Come out, learn about Islam, interact with us, we would like to learn about you as well.

Tasleem said the mosque is called the Islamic Outreach Center in hopes of encouraging people in the area to visit the facility.

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