HOUSTON A Tomball man is charged with stealing more than $41,000 from a home owner s association where he served as president.

Prosecutors say Harold Francis Reed is charged with aggregate theft of over $20,000 and less than $100,000.

Reed was the president of the Willow Forest Homes Association between 2010 and 2012.

Rachel Malarcher, an employee of Sterling Association Services serving as the agent for Willow Forest Homes Association, brought the theft to the attention of the Harris County District Attorney s Office.

Malarcher told authorities Reed was making unauthorized cash withdrawals and credit card charges over a nearly two-year period spanning between June 18, 2010 and June 14, 2012.

Malarcher said Reed made the unauthorized cash withdrawals from a Willow Forest Homes Association account with AmegyBank. Officials said some of the cash withdrawals were made outside of Texas.

Malarcher said she confronted Reed about the cash withdrawals. He said they were for cash payments to undocumented workers for tree removal around the subdivision, and he could provide proper documentation.

Malarcher said Reed later provided slips of paper with signatures of those workers. She and the other Board members were suspicious of them because Reed was able locate all of the undocumented workers and got their signatures on receipts for the cash payments. Malarcher said the number of tree removals did not match the number of payments to the workers.

According to AmegyBank records, Reed made 70 cash withdrawals and 181 separate credit card purchases over two years. There were days with multiple cash withdrawals of $500. Malarcher said Reed made unauthorized cash withdrawals from ATMs, but also made legitimate cash withdrawals with bank tellers.

Malarcher said Reed withdrew and charged a total of $41,664.

In an interview at the Harris County District Attorney s Office, Reed said that he made the ATM withdrawals and gas purchases that were not authorized by the home association. Reed said in a written statement, I m truly sorry for my actions and take full responsibility for what I did.

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