HOUSTON A Houston woman blames dog thieves for the disappearance of a puppy she credits for saving her life.

The toy poodle named Sunshine vanished from the parking lot of a northeast Houston gas station last Thursday.

I know she was taken, said Casandra Cole, of the dog that was given to her as a Christmas gift three years ago. At the time, Cole was recovering from brain surgery.

I named her Sunshine because she brought sunshine back to my life. She helped me with my recovery, she said.

Cole said she had pulled into the parking lot of the Chevron located at Homestead Road and the 610 North Loop and walked away from her car for just a few moments. When she returned and started to drive away, she noticed her dog was missing.

She immediately returned to the station and called police.

Investigating officers discovered the outside surveillance cameras weren t functioning at the time, leaving precisely what happened to Sunshine a bit unclear.

But Cole is convinced someone stole her dog.

I miss her every day when I wake up. I miss her and I want my puppy back, she said.

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