HOUSTON A pastor in Texas City says his arrest for suspicion of assault and cocaine possession is all a misunderstanding.

A witness told police that Baypoint Community Church pastor Bobby Gass was arguing with a woman as they sat at a stop light. The witness said the pastor shoved the woman out of the car and then tried to pull her back in.

When police arrested Gass they said they found cocaine in his pocket.

It was on my possession, so I m responsible for it and I just need to deal with that, he said. We all make mistakes. I ve made plenty of them. I made a mistake last week. We ll get through it and we ll move on.

The pastor said he found the drugs in the church parking lot and was going to ask church leaders about them.

The woman, who said she is a friend of the pastor, is not pressing charges.

Gass is now on a temporary leave of absence.

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