HOUSTON Patrons at a north Houston restaurant expressed shock after witnessing a robbery in which the thieves appeared to be actual waiters.

The robbery happened around 2:15 p.m. at Jimmy G s Cajun Seafood Restaurant located just off Beltway 8.

Investigators said three men entered the restaurant. Two of them apparently stood watch at the door as the third man, who was armed with either a shotgun or rifle, demanded money from a bartender and cashier.

Many of the customers said it happened right under their noses and they didn t even realize what was going on until it was practically over.

It was kind of confusing because the robbers were wearing the same (thing) as the waiters and one had a scarf on his head like a chef. You would think they were pretty much waiters, said Liz Carillo Brenes.

Witnesses said the robbers fled when someone set off the fire alarm. The patrons escaped safely out the back.

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