HOUSTON We went downtown to ask people about Houston Texans defensive player Connor Barwin. This might be disappointing to him but a lot of people didn t seem to know who he is.

Number 98 is a 26-year-old native of the Detroit suburb of Southfield. You know what that means?

I m excited to play in Detroit for the first time since high school, Outside Linebacker Barwin said. He grew up as a Lions fan.

I always wanted to be a Detroit Lion as a kid growing up, watching them on Thanksgiving Day, he said.

All my family s rooting for me and the Texans. Now some of my friends will be rooting for my success, but for the Lions to win, Barwin said.

He is very outspoken about gay rights and same-sex marriage. His brother Joe is gay.

Barwin is the type of guy who wore a full chicken suit out in public for Halloween. He got his mohawk cut down into a Gary Kubiak crew cut at the start of the season.

He tweeted a photo of his Prius saying, Chicks dig hybrids. In College at Cincinnati he was a basketball player. That comes in handy when he s jumping in the faces of opposing quarterbacks. Still no one we talked to Wednesday seemed to really know who he is.

Lot of those defensive guys don t get any respect, one man said, who admitted he didn t know much about Barwin.

But if Barwin and the Texans keep on winning, before long everybody will know him.

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