HOUSTON Gaming consoles are cheaper this year than ever before, thanks mainly to the fact that the most popular ones have been on the market for a while.

Thanks to the web, most of the really good Black Friday buys have already been leaked or announced, giving you time to come up with a shopping plan you can put to use once you re done with the turkey.

== Xbox 360 combo ==
Sam s Club and Target are among retailers offering up an Xbox 360 complete with Kinect and a couple of okay games. Normally this is a $300 setup, but on Friday it s $200. Another similar combo gets rid of the Kinect sensor and gives you two really good games along with a larger Xbox console for $300. Check it out on Target s website, click here.

== Nintendo Wii ==
No , it s not the brand new Wii U, but it s really cheap. The original Wii is available as a box combo set with Wii Sports (great for kids), and it s available at Sears this Black Friday for just $99. Check it out online, click here.

== Playstation ==
Walmart and Best Buy have a $200 Playstation deal that includes two good games. Normally this set up costs more than $350. Click here to see it.

== Game: Assassin s Creed 3 ==
Normally this game, like most, will set you back $60. At Best Buy this Friday it s only $35. Click here for more.

== What about the GOOD games? ==
As far as other games or devices, by far the most popular gaming gifts this year are the new Nintendo Wii U console and the games Halo 4 and Black Ops 2. Unfortunately, you won t find much of a deal on these items this holiday season because they re very much in demand, and retailers have no reason to mark them down. Parents: a word of advice, if you re child has these games on their wish list and you want to choose the one with less violence, go with Halo 4.


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