HOUSTON Some people are worried that the demolition of the Ben Milam Hotel could threaten two downtown landmarks.

The old Ben Milam Hotel date with destruction is Dec. 9.

The Milam is not the only historic building in the area, nearby just across the street is Annunciation Catholic Church and on the other side is Union Station, which is now a part of Minute Maid Park.

In the battle of historic buildings on the corner of Texas and Crawford the church wins.

It was originally built in the 1870s and is made predominately of brick. Bricks that are now nearly 150 years old.

Potentially it could have an impact with the demolition, said Bob Fretz who knows firsthand the hard labor to get the church right.

His family has done it twice.

There was a hurricane in 1943 and the steeple was blown off the building, he said.

For the last year his company restored both the church spire and it's stained glass windows to like-new condition.

Before the work the tower tilted two feet and was crumbling.

It is a landmark, like no other.

Maybe none of the detail or the similar age of Annunciation Catholic Church -- it is certainly the oldest one around. Special care needs to be considered when you do a demolition plan, Fretz said.

The demolition contractor is DH Griffin of Texas.

The company did not return our calls but has an outstanding reputation.

The church is much better off now thanks to the renovations.

It is in as good a shape as it has been in a long time, said David Bush who leads Preservation Houston.

But any risk is enough to concern parishioners.

It is a history church, said Amparo Caro, who when asked if she was worried about the coming implosion nearby. She said simply, Yes. Yes. Absolutely. Absolutely.

James Sipinado agreed.

I would be concerned about that. This is a wonderful building, it is a Houston Landmark, he said.

Some here like Peter Godek, choose faith.

I think they are pretty good at these things-- I see them of TV and they seem pretty successful. There is a lot of risk in anything, he said.

There s never been a lack of prayer in this building.

Now the prayers are for it.

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