HOUSTON Reliant Stadium is ground zero for Texans Fans, but these days, the team is everywhere!

It s my hometown. That is why I like the team, said Brianna Rodriguez, who was shopping for Texans gear the day after their big win over the Chicago Bears.

Rodriguez was 9 when the Texans started their NFL journey.

They have never been this good, she said Monday. This is the first year that I am actually interested. I, like, watch all the games now.

Scoot over. The Texans bandwagon is getting crowded!

The Texans are hot on-air, online, even on the road where the flags fly from ever other truck it seems!

This has always been a city that, the better you do, the better the fan support is, said season ticket holder Darrell Smith.

Judging from the traffic at the Official Go Texans store, they are pretty good.

Hopefully, we finish 14-2 or 15-1 and go to the playoffs and win the whole thing! Smith said.

To me, it is their defense and their offense. said Gabriel Rodriguez.

And with this team, Texans fans may enjoy the ride for years to come.

I think we have a few good years coming after this, predicted Alex Avila.

Some fans will stick around either way.

I m proud of the Texans. If they win or lose, I am always going to be a Texans fan, Rodriguez said.

Next stop, Sunday at Reliant as the Jacksonville Jaguars come to town.

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