HOUSTON A worker found a man s body Wednesday at a waste management recycling facility located at 9500 Clay Road.

The worker found the body at about 2 p.m.

The facility is where the big trucks come to dump their loads. The loads are then sorted and moved on in the recycling process. Workers have to sort through the piles and the body was found by a man who had only been on the job for four days. The body was only partially visible in a pile of recycled material.

Our sorter was doing his job and he finds himself sorting a human body, said Fil Waters, with HPD homicide. And he immediately did the appropriate thing, shut down the process and notified a supervisor.

Investigators said the body was found in a load that came from the medical center area.

Detectives said they found a Minnesota license on the man s body that had a birth year of 1975. Detectives also said the man s clothing suggested that he may be a homeless person, noting that he used shoe strings for his belt.

Investigators said there are no signs of foul play and said the victim was probably crushed, but they won t know for sure until an autopsy is performed.

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