HOUSTON A young Houston mother is accused of repeatedly abusing her 5-month-old twins, causing multiple fractures on the little girls, according to Houston police.

Rosa Nelly Lopez, 22, was charged with felony injury to a child.

One of the twins was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital with a broken leg on October 2. Lopez told doctors her 5-year-old child fell on top of the baby, which caused the injury.

That excuse did not match up with doctors findings.

Doctors determined that the little girl not only had the broken leg, but a couple of healing fractures, including one to the rib. The injuries were each in a different stage of healing and suspicious for inflicted trauma.

As a risk evaluation, doctors decided to bring in the infant s twin sister.

A skeletal survey of the second baby showed healing fractures to the right posterior sixth, seventh, eighth and 10th ribs. Doctors also found one of the left ribs was also fractured. Doctors said rib fractures are highly concerning for physical abuse and are caused by a squeezing mechanism.

The mother first stuck to her initial lie that the 5-year-old was responsible, then finally confessed, according to court documents. The mother said she was cooking one day when the baby started to cry. When she grabbed the infant by the leg, she heard the leg pop.

As for the second baby, the mother said she heard the baby s ribs crack one day when she was simply squeezing her out of affection, investigators said.

She said she did not seek medical attention for the child because she did not want her husband to get mad at her.

Lopez s bail was set at $30,000.

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