Authorities in Wilson County are on the lookout for a suspect, or suspects that have targeted a local pharmacy twice.

This is a drug that s abused daily, said Detective George Ortiz of the Floresville Police Department.

Ortiz is talking about hydrocodone.

The Crawford Pharmacy in Floresville was recently burglarized for numerous bottles of the prescription pain killer. Surveillance video shows the suspect break in through the wall of an adjoining medical clinic, make a dart to the hydrocodone shelf, grab as many bottles as possible and leave in less than two minutes before police arrive.

However, police said it s not the first time the pharmacy was targeted.

A suspect committed the same burglary back in July. Investigators believe both incidents could have been committed by the same person.

Same MO, same location, same way they made entry and basically with the same type of clothing with a hoodie covering up their face, said Ortiz.

Hydrocodone might not be the most popular drug, but detectives said they re starting to see more people like this most recent suspect, desperate to get their hands on it.

It s a growing problem because it s a narcotic easy to get, said Ortiz. We ve seen a couple of forgeries of prescriptions to get hydrocodone and a couple of these burglaries.

Anyone with information on the crime is urged to call the Wilson County Crime Stoppers at (830) 393-4636. A reward of up to $5,000 is possible with information that leads to an arrest.
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