HOUSTON Six Harris County Jail employees have been fired for sexual misconduct and related allegations.

The ugly truth is that the misconduct involved the failure to take action as supervisors, and sexual misconduct between employees or with inmates, said Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

Sheriff Adrian Garcia said the disciplined workers had been engaging in sexual relations with female inmates inside the laundry rooms of both jails on Baker Street.

He called their behavior inexcusable and intolerable.

Four civilian detentions officers and one supervisor were fired Friday. A deputy was indicted and fired back in February. Another deputy resigned while under investigation and a supervisor retired while under investigation.

Garcia said he would add cameras to the laundry rooms to try and prevent this type of thing from happening in the future.

He said the firings followed an an extensive investigation by the Office of Inspector General.

The probe took place because of what happened to a former inmate.

Amber Guidry said she was groped and sexually harassed by a jail guard.

It was constant and constant, Amber Guidry said. It freaked me out.

She said she was targeted by a former jailer named Tony Richards.

He pressed his crotch against my butt actually. Like meaningfully, she said.

Richards was fired from his job in February and then indicted for sexually assaulting a female inmate. Guidry lodged a complaint and testified before the grand jury.

I feel like not only I, but multiple women could get justice because I was not the only one, she said.

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