HOUSTON Each year, Texas drivers spend $23.2 billion on vehicle repairs caused by bad roads. Houston drivers spend $1,900 a year on average, more than in any other Texas city.

At Montrose Tire and Wheel, you can see the drivers pacing out of frustration as they wait for repairs to be made.

Living here in Houston, yes, I see a lot of construction, said Ryan Warren, a commercial driver. We have poor roads to begin with, if you hit a pot hole or pick up a nail, it s going to cause some damage.

A new report by the national research group, TRIP, shows that about half of the roads in Houston are in poor or mediocre condition, which also contributes to more accidents.

They need repair. Serious repair, said Sharon Thomas, as she waited for her flat tire to be replaced.

The repairs, I hardly see them being done, said Warren.

The only repair he saw on this day was to his car.

Without adequate funding to improve roadways, the study shows the cost to you as a driver is only going to grow.

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