CEDAR PARK,Texas -- There are new developments inthe case of a Cedar Park mancharged with killing his neighbor's dog.

AWilliamsonCounty judge has revoked all of 49-year-old Bing Yee's weapons and temporarily suspended his handgun license.

Yee is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, deadly conduct and cruelty to animals.

Richard Fox was startled and called 911 when heheard gunshots fired down the street.

My dogs barked.They went outside.I went outside, said Fox.

The dog's owners,Billy and Amber Rodgers, saytheir five-year-old dog Rusty was running towardtheir neighbor, Yee, when witnesses say Yee pulled out a gun and shot Rusty.

The second Rusty ran out there, he instantly pulled and fired. There wasn't a warning. There wasn't 'I have a gun, I will shoot your dog,' said Amber Rodgers.

A WilliamsonCountyJudge ordered Yee to surrender all of his weapons, temporarily suspended his concealed carry license and said Yee is not allowed to turn on his lights during Halloween trick-or-treating.

CedarPark police say it's rare that someone's concealed carry license is revoked.

Video Yee posted on YouTube shows Yee owns a vast number of weapons -- dozens, maybe hundreds, of guns. His lawyer says as a sign of good faith Yee handed the weapons over to police instead of a friend.

It's not that common. In fact, this is probably the first instance or circumstance I can think of, said Capt. Mike Harmon.

I think he does need to be punished -- whether it's setting an example, or for what he actually did. He needs to be accountable, said Billy Rodgers.

Yee's next court appearance is set for November. The neighborhood is hosting a memorial in honor of Rusty Sunday Sept. 30 at The Ranch at Brushy Creek Park. They're inviting everyone to bring their dogs and will be collecting donations for the ASPCA.

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