HOUSTON -- Deep in the heart of downtown Houston, listen in on just about any conversation and something is noticeably absent: Texas twang.

So what happened? Apparently, prosperity happened.

Because of our good economy, and because of the number of jobs created in Texas, we ve been very attractive to people from other states and from other countries, said Stephen Murdock, a professor of sociology at Rice University.

Murdock once ran the U.S. Census Bureau and knows a thing or two about the demographics of Texas.

Since 1980, we ve added almost 11 million people, and about half of those have been from other countries or from other states, said Murdock.

We in the media are also partially to blame, homogenizing all regional accents into one American English sound.

If you want to hear true Texas twang, you can still find it in less densely populated areas, but those areas are dwindling.

I think Texas twang is something that Texans have long identified with and something they should maintain to the extent they can, said Murdock.

In other words, embrace.

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