HOUSTON Students at Burbank Middle School were trying to understand why their bus driver was arrested on Wednesday afternoon.

The driver was transporting a bus was full kids, when witnesses said an HISD officer used force to pull the driver out.

It s unfair, eighth grader Ashley Cosio said. At the same time, it s all just confusing.

Parents said the driver was screaming as the officer grabbed and dragged her off. Children as young as Pre-K watched and screamed too.

You re just shocked that this actually happened, Cosio said. And you don t know what to say because you haven t heard the other side of the story.

The HISD identified the driver as 56-year- old Ana Arratia, a private bus driver. A spokesperson could not go into detail on her personnel s past.

They released a statement saying:

On Wednesday, Sept. 19, HISD police allege that a private bus operator refused to obey an officer s request to move a vehicle out of a lane blocking other vehicles from exiting the Burbank Middle School driveway. The driver then physically resisted the officer as the officer attempted to take her into custody. A charge of assaulting a peace officer is expected to be filed against the bus operator on Friday.

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