HUMBLE A Humble grandmother is warning parents about what she says it a very dangerous toy.

A Youtube video shows how Water Balz start out as small as peas and can grow to the size of racquetballs.

So it was no wonder, McKenzie Connolly had her eye on one.

She saw them and wanted them, said her grandmother Tammy McCafferty. She s kind of spoiled, so she got them.

But that super-absorbent polymer ball nearly killed McKenzie s then 8-month-old little sister Aunraya when she swallowed one.

At first, the family thought the little girl swallowed candy until she started acting strange. They called poison control and were told to give the child lots of water.

That only made matters worse.

The ball grew so big that it blocked Aunraya s digestive track and her belly grew bigger and bigger.

She had to have surgery and when doctors cut her intestine open, they removed the bright green ball.

It was just really scary, McCafferty said. I wasn t sure after the surgery if everything was going to be OK for her.

There are warnings on the back of the product packaging, but McCafferty said that it s too small. Ultimately, she wants the product pulled from the shelf.

We contacted Dunecraft, the makers of Water Balz, and they referred us to a comment that their CEO made to Reuters Health.

Grant Cleveland said that he s sorry to learn of the incident, but an 8-month-old has no business being near that product and trying to turn it in to a public risk is absurd.

McCafferty doesn t think it s absurd at all and questions what the CEO knows about parenting.

Otherwise he would know that an 8-month-old baby has every opportunity to get a hold of something like that if you have another child in the house, she said.

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