HOUSTON A mother whose baby tested positive for cocaine last year pled guilty in court on Thursday.

Ashley Jones, 30, was sentenced to eight months in a state jail for endangering a child.

Jones was arrested in November 2011 for taking her 1-year-old daughter to a known drug house in the 400 block of Woolworth in northeast Houston.

When the baby was crying and shivering later that night, Jones took her to a hospital where she tested positive for cocaine and opiates at the emergency room.

The criminal complaint didn t specify how much was ingested, but medical experts say any amount is extremely dangerous for such a young child.

It is a stimulant, said Dr. LaTanya Love, a UTHealth physician. It can cause changes their blood pressure. You can have seizures, you can have damage to your lungs (and) impaired mental status. So the complications could be severe.

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