HOUSTON In about a week we should know a lot more about the latest Apple iPhone, presumed to be called iPhone 5.

AppleTuesdaymorningsent out the invites to a Sept. 12 press conference in San Francisco. The emailshows a big 12 while casting a shadow in the shape of a 5 a mysterious yet unsurprisingmoveby the tech company that s always kept mum on its products prior to their formal launch.

If tradition continues, a Sept. 12 announcement would mean the Apple iPhone 5 would go on sale by the end of the month for about $200 on a two-year contract.

Internet rumors point to a new docking cable size, screen size, and upgraded processor. This would be the biggest change yet for the phone, which was first launched in 2007.

Analysts say the new iPhone will set sales records, and there may be longer lines due to a short supply of parts.

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