HOUSTON A few spoken words and a meaningful personal message, it s the makings of a masterpiece.

Kate Magee wanted to create something special for the home she shares with her husband. I wanted it to mean something to us personally, says Kate Magee. I didn t just want to have a piece of art to just have a piece of art. I wanted something we could talk about and share with other people.

Kate commissioned Bespoken Art owned by Heights artist David Caulkins.

Caulkins records waveforms and transforms them into contemporary art. People say I m an artist. On one hand yes, on one hand no... confides Caulkins. It s your voice, your sound. Your audio is the art. Then I just help facilitate it.

Caulkin s work ranges from the sentimental to quirky. He s created pieces based on everything from dog barks to ocean waves, he adds, some personal things that I don t even understand.

And from college fight songs to skylines Caulkins can capture all sounds. Intrigued by street corners he took a recording in busy and bustling Downtown Houston. This first part is an ambulance going by representing the medical center in our city, he points out while describing the Houston recording on canvas. This is some of our daily traffic and this is the familiar bell from the metro light rail.

David Caulkins has an ear for sound and is skilled with computers. Most of the speech and communication graduate s business is done online and outside of Houston. He s had orders from every continent except for South America.

But he guarantees, from wherever and whatever sound he can create a great canvas that s sure to be a real conversation starter.

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