HOUSTON -- It was August 29th 2005, when Katrina made landfall east of New Orleans near Bay St. Louis and 1,800 people died.

Now with Issac approaching residents are watching very carefully.

Today remnants of Katrina still remain stores are gone, houses are missing and empty lots stand in their place.

Katrina hit and it just about destroyed everything, said Bay St. Louis resident Raymond Alfonso.

Now, almost seven years to the day that Katrina hit, the town could get hit again.

We ve spent literally the last seven years since Katrina preparing for the next significant event, said Bay St. Louis Mayor Les Fillingame.

The city built a huge 20-foot seawall to stop the storm surge, but the mayor said that s not enough, he s asking residents in low lying areas to get out.

People get stranded, trapped, hurricanes are very unpredictable and we don t want people where we can t get to them, he said.

Many people in the area were heeding the warnings by preparing their homes and preparing for what s next.

All I can do is put boards on the windows, sandbags, and see what happens, and hope for the best, said Marvin Morris.

The city had set up two shelters and was handing out sandbags.

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