HOUSTON-- Houston police arrested a nanny Wednesday evening and charged her with endangering a child after a Montrose-area couple said it found disturbing video on a nanny cam.

The family lives in a townhouse on Westheimer and hired woman named Tirza Magana to watch their baby girl who was born in January.

In late May, the parents noticed that the baby was acting strange and lethargic when they would come home from work.

Court records indicated that the family had a camera set up in the nursery and decided to watch and see what was going on while they were away.

They reportedly found Magana carrying the baby around by the head, tossing her in the crib and smothering the child on more than one occasion.

The parents fired Magana on the phone and called authorities.

According to court records, Magana admitted that she smothered the baby multiple times a day for a month and even realized that her actions could have caused the baby's death.

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