COLLEGE STATION, Texas An Army medic who recently served in Iraq witnessed the gun fight that left three dead and four wounded in College Station Monday.

Rigo Cisneros shot this cell phone video while crouched down nearby.

Put your hands where I can see them, hands where I can see them! an officer is heard shouting on the cell phone video. Don t move!

Cisneros said the suspect would step into an open doorway and fire at the officers before retreating. The shootout lasted at least 20 minutes.

When the gunfire ended, Cisneros performed CPR on Constable Brian Bachmann, but found no vital signs. The 41-year-old constable was later pronounced dead.

Cisneros was then directed by other medics to help the suspect, 35-year-old Thomas Caffall, who had been shot several times. Cisneros said Caffall apologized for shooting the constable before he was taken to an area hospital where he later died.

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