HOUSTON We'restill several weeks from the release of the rumored iPhone 5, butlate last week it was confirmed the new iPhone can save you money right now.

Apple hasn t even confirmed it's working on aphone, but it s usually around this time every year they release something new at a cost of $200 on a two-year phone service contract.

That s what the current iPhone 4S will cost you, if you don t ask for the match pricing deal at the Apple Store. Its price is now $150 on a two-year contract. This matches what some providers, including Sprint, started offering weeks ago.

The website MacRumors said the $150 iPhone 4S is not a deal Apple is advertising. You just have to walk in and ask for it, and on top of that, not all Apple Stores will match the Sprint price.

Either way, this is a rare move on Apple s part. Usually the company only discounts its devices after the new ones come out. The company s most recent quarterly report shows it s not selling nearly as many iPhones as usual, most likely due to the anticipation for the new one (or at least Apple hopes).

So what s new with the iPhone 5? It s expected it will be taller, sleeker, faster, and the size of its dock and cable connector will be smaller. There are a lot of unlikely rumors out there though.

Here s what you probably won t see, despite what s going around the Web:

>> Flash support (People have wanted it a long time, but there s no reason for Apple to add it now, even if Android has it)
>> Removable memory card (This circumvents Apple s iCloud service, which of course they want you to pay for)
>> Swappable camera lens (there s just not enough room for it)
>> No Liquid Metal screen instead of glass, which means if you drop your new iPhone without a case, your screen could break

For those of you with stereo docking stations, expensive car connectors, and so on --don t worry about the connector change. Most likely, there will be some kind of converter or adapter available to change the old format to the new format.

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