SANMARCOS,Texas --ACentralTexas Marine was remembered by family and friends Sunday as they took to the sky to pay tribute to anAmerican hero.

For Lt.Colonel Ed Miller, life was an adventure. The highly decorated Veteran of Vietnam, Desert Storm and Desert Shield died in June after a lengthy battle with cancer.

OnSunday Miller's friends and family came together to honor him in a way they say would have made him proud.

Miller was a jumper in the Marine Corp. He was also a gold medal member of Team USA in the World Skydiving Championships.

More than a dozen of Miller's team members and friends suited up, climbed aboard a small plane and set out to say goodbye.

With a clear blue sky as their backdrop, the group began to free fall, then released their parachutes. They let Miller's ashes float free, as they descended gently back to Earth.

As part of the ceremony, a Marine with anAmericanflag also jumped. That flag was presented to Miller's family.

I know he appreciated this as much as that big beautiful military funeral. This is what he would have just loved, Austin Barber said.

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